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Why the Crownz? Initially I created the crownz for myself. I needed something that represented my higher mind at all times, I wanted to bang on my environment so to speak. Consider the movie, “Colors,” and how it resonated all around the world. It gave people a gang consciousness; in regards to how to rep a gang, the rituals of gang activity, etc. That was Hollywood’s way of banging gang culture to be accepted in the black society. Banging in the sense of encouraging the lifestyle. So when I thought about that, it allowed me to draw that conclusion that if you are going to bang consciousness, righteousness, and enlightenment, you have to do it the same way. You have to put it out there. So if I wear something with the symbolism of the crowns adorned A constant symbolic reminder of my mission. 

So when people are staring they are looking at my crown, at my higher thoughts, my higher self. Symbols are so powerful for the subconscious mind; they go directly into your subconscious mind. Example is when you’re walking down the street and you see a Gucci sign, subconsciously every Gucci ad and celebrity you’ve seen endorse Gucci is running in the back of your head. Because the brand has been impression into your mind. So when you see something like the star and the crescent it connects you to whatever level of consciousness and awareness you have attached to those symbols. Some people attach the star and crescent crown to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who made it recognizable both in the United States and globally. He got his fez made from a sister; I believe to be from Pakistan, when The Honorable Elijah Muhammad requested that she make him a starry crown at dinner, as the story is told. At that time, he was the only one who was able to wear the crowns because of what it represented. So now the goal is to bring that representation and thought process to the masses of today, handing it down to the new generation and using it to represent a new cultural enlightenment.  

Each crown has its own representation of freedom, justice, equality, and enlightenment. You can trace it back to the system of Yogism, where it is referred to as the crown chakra. 

You can also trace it back to the Quran. It is said that the angel Jibrial gave Prophet Muhammad visions at night, they were saying that was a representation of him being able to tap into the crown chakra. All systems of thought in culture incorporate the sun, moon and stars. Having something like the universe on the top of your head reminds you of how huge and vast the world is, and how 

small our problems are. It reminds you to stay on the path of thinking about things bigger than self. 

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