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About Us

Jacob & Deja Shabazz

    First and Foremost our beautiful black brothers and sisters we welcome you with the greeting words of peace: Salaam, Shalom, Alafia, Amani, What’s Up? We are Jacob and Deja Al-Shabazz, a dynamic duo with burning desire and passion to see OUR people succeed! Our collective academia from two HBCUs, Savannah State and Bethune-Cookman has further refined our respect and affection for OUR culture.  We were recently blessed with the honor of bringing a life into this world and our son has gifted us with a new vision and legacy. So we invite you to aid us spread our vision to interconnect EVERY black owned business and service worldwide! ~ Jacob & Deja Shabazz

“No nation will ever respect us as long as we beg for that which we can do for ourselves"
- Honorable Elijah M


 Between the two of us we have attended and/or participated in countless hours of think tanks, ted talks, community service, city hall meetings, and communal conversations. Within these gatherings, one major issue is always brought forth concerning our community: the lack of “Ujamaa” or Cooperative economics on a national scale. We firmly believe that we can begin to fund our revolution simply by buying black, opposed to further funding our own oppression.

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